Supporting you as you Serve from the Heart!

♥ Are you a heart-centered visionary with a mission?
♥ Are you a parent or a caregiver for kids, the disabled, or the elderly?
♥ Are you empowering others as a teacher, nurse, or healer?

What if you could experience the antidote to stress, fatigue, and overwhelm?

Be supported as you do your meaningful work of serving others from the heart. Tune into the powers of Joy as you boost your manifesting skills!

Now is your time to be nourished as you live your dreams!
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Sharing Joy with you!

“Based on my 39-year career of guiding hundreds of clients to claim their power and their Joy, I created a powerful, proven system of mindset and lifestyle upgrades, deepened by Divine Guidance and Manifesting Skills.  Learn specific tools that support sustained vitality, focus, and an uplifted spirit!”  Empress Iris

Programs of Joy, Love, and Power

The Joy Summit  Free series of interviews with heart-centered guests sharing tips and personal stories of inspiration on how Joy empowers their lives. Click here to get this uplifting free gift.

VIP Programs  Click here to get information about customized private One-on-One Sessions


What people are saying about Iris’s work:

Dr. Monza Naff

“Iris asked incisive questions, affirmed ways my values can still direct my goals, and with optimism, grace, and humor helped me befriend my process rather than struggle against it. I can honestly say that I have never received more sage guidance coupled with structured assistance.”  Dr. Monza Naff, Director, Inner Growth Services



“Iris has helped me live a life that is much more authentic, true to myself, and balanced. Due to her invaluable coaching, I have achieved goals I did not think were possible.  Best of all, the skills and tools you develop with her are yours forever, allowing you to face whatever comes your way with grace, acceptance and awareness.”  Janin Kompor, Senior Manager, Marketing


claudia reduced“Iris shared a number of invaluable “tools” that I still carry with me, and I strongly feel they have armed me to handle any situation my future will bring. With her coaching and these tools, I have now formed a clearer picture of the future I desire, am building and maintaining more healthy relationships and am forging a new career path.”  Claudia Pierce, Freelance writer

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