Empress Iris

Iris Stallworth-Grayling, LMFT (Ret), MA, Ht, CPC: Joyologist, Manifesting Mentor, and Transformational Retreat Leader

As a result of her life-long study of both metaphysics and psychology, Iris has been passionate about guiding others to express Joy and Power from the Heart.

Professionally, Iris has supported hundreds of clients for 40 years, as a hypnotherapist, licensed psychotherapist, and transformational guide. Iris is on a mission to help women in their prime to fully claim their Joy and Power. Iris offers individualized VIP coaching, on-line group programs, and transformational retreats.

Iris founded The Empowered Empress, a community of powerful, heart-centered women. She also created a modality, Expressive Empowering Play™, using the healing elements of meditation, movement, and creativity.

“ Joy is a path to Power!” Iris