Testimonials for “Prosperous Empress” Summit

“Manifesting with Vision, Grace, and a Giggle!”  January 31, 2015

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“The energy of this event is so warm, so connected, so joyful. I was melted by how much loving presence everyone had. Iris is an empress and leads which such power, love, and grace. The networking is fantastic. Lunch is included and was delicious. It’s a spirited day full of fun, learning, growth, connection, and juicy new friends!” Dana Garrison, Speaker, Author, Business & Life Coach

“Iris’s summit was fun, empowering, and transformational. During the numerous exercises and meditations, I could see myself more clearly and identify what was standing in the way of my fully stepping into and embracing the Empress within me.” Cynthia Stott, Speaker, Mentor

ProsperousE (227) sharing cropped“Iris created an incredible event with the right blend of speakers, topics, and energy! I highly recommend women who are ready to ‘lift and lead’ attend her events.”  Linda Burtaut, Owner, Chakralicious

“The summit hit so many of my beliefs around money, opening my perceptions and seeing patterns that need to be created. You brought great experts together and entertaining topics. Thank you for lunch. I’ll tell everyone about this event.”  Pam Whitman, Speaking Coach

“The entire day was amazing! The energy was great and the speakers were awesome.”  Natasha Lee, Founder, True Beauty Revealed

“I met the resource person I need for my next prosperity step sitting right beside me during the event. Now that’s prosperity!”  Jane Holt, Reverend

Testimonials for “Radiant Empress” Summit

“Loving my beautiful, changing body”  May 9, 2015

Iris speaks croppedI am blown away by Iris’s growth as a speaker. She does a beautiful job!  Today, I was especially touched with the care she shows her audience, with great caring and respect. CJ Jones.

Eight closeupMy intention was to extend and receive love and compassion, and I did!  Andrea Burnett.

Definitely feeling more open to accepting body and other’s body shapes. Letting go of prejudice! Pam Whitman, Speaking coach

I was able to finally look at the feeling of vulnerability being weakness. I will now look at it as a strength! Thank you for empowering women.  Diane Johnson

ProsperousE (227) sharing croppedI loved seeing the energy that formed in the room from all the ladies sending out their intentions. We moved a lot, which also kept the energy flowing. The speakers were awesome, and Iris shared from her heart. So much fun!  Lorri Lockyer

Poem cropped[The event] brings awareness of how important it is to take care of ourselves as well as the joy of heart connection and the power of the group! Thank you Iris for another wonderful day!  Athena Boucher


Testimonials for “Rejuvenate” Women’s Retreat

“A retreat of Transformation, Love, and Laughter” November 21, 2015

rejuvenate handonheartcroppedEmpress Iris is the embodiment of joy, love, and power. Her blessing to all those who participate in her “court” is the discovery that we are all magnificent embodiments of joy, love, and power. Dr. Dianne Frost

rejuvenate group1croppedIris’s workshop gave me the opportunity to literally “stand in my power”! What an affirming, positive, and exhilarating experience!  Bonnie Gonzalez

Iris’s events help me go deeper into myself as a woman, away from the demands of my professional role. I’m able to play, be myself, and connect in a heartfelt way with the people of my growing community. Marguerite Rigoglioso

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The energy at Empress Iris’s events is safe and empowering. I laughed, I cried, I could be completely authentic and find my joy and share that with others. Maura Torkindson

Iris embraces and lives her message. Her delivery is warm, loving, and inclusive. Her events are always uplifting and fun. New to this type of journey or an experienced traveler, you will always come away inspired and invigorated! Athena Boucher


Testimonials from Private Clients

(Contact Iris here for information on private sessions.)

Dr. Monza Naff

Dr. Monza Naff

Iris asked incisive questions, affirmed ways my values can still direct my goals, and with optimism, grace, and humor helped me befriend my process rather than struggle against it. I can honestly say that I have never received more sage guidance coupled with structured assistance.

I have been honored to work with Iris to determine my path, clarify my needs and desires, and set goals for the next year. I am now well on my way to my next creative venture, in large part because of Iris’s particular and extraordinary gifts. I most highly recommend the coaching skills of Iris Stallworth-Grayling.  Dr. Monza NaffDirector, Inner Growth Services


Shirley Runco

Shirley Runco

If you have any interest in personal empowerment, world peace, fun, beauty, positive energy, please join the Empress Community!  This is a group of women out to change the world with positive energy, fun, and LOVE.  Shirley Runco, Master Dowser




Janin Kompor

Iris has helped me live a life that is much more authentic, true to myself, and balanced. Due to her invaluable coaching, I have achieved goals I did not think were possible.

Best of all, the skills and tools you develop with her are yours forever, allowing you to face whatever comes your way with grace, acceptance and awareness.  Janin Kompor, Senior Manager, Marketing


sandy haslauer2

Sandy Haslauer

I was saying things like “I’m over the hill” and “youth and opportunities are way behind me”. I now realize that having no expectations filled me with negativity and that I have gifts and talents from my Creator that I have not yet tapped.

At 68, I can control myself and my life by my heart’s thoughts. I CAN hear them when I’m still and authentic….I am Savvy, Sassy and Strong! Without this experience, I am not sure I would have woken up and smelled all the beautiful roses and had the energy to enjoy and expect. THANK YOU, Iris!!!!!!!!  Sandy Haslauer, Former software engineer




Having always been a person in-charge, strong, motivated, and confident, I suddenly found myself in a totally different place due to several life changes. I contacted Iris for direction.  Iris not only guided me through her insightful discussions, questions and suggestions, she taught me to take back my life and become once again, a happy, loving, and successful person.  Iris is truly a gifted person that knows how to approach, analyze and give you the tools to continue to enjoy your life and become aware that the gifts you believe in and expect you will attract. Thank you, Iris  Lili, Entrepreneur



Claudia Pierce

Iris shared a number of invaluable “tools” that I still carry with me, and I strongly feel they have armed me to handle any situation my future will bring. With her coaching and these tools, I have now formed a clearer picture of the future I desire, am building and maintaining more healthy relationships and am forging a new career path. Claudia Pierce,  Freelance writer